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Drug Testing at Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics in the Philadelphia metro area.

AFC Urgent Care offers Drug Tests 7 Days a Week & No Appointment Is Needed

Drug Testing at Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics in Philadelphia, PA

A critical part of the employment process and ensuring a safe work environment for employees is drug testing. Many businesses get bogged down with expensive and cumbersome drug testing systems that cannot provide them the quick and efficient services they need. For employees, getting a screening from a primary care doctor may take weeks to receive the results, depending on how long it takes to get an appointment and if they have to send away for the results. The AFC Urgent Centers in the Philadelphia metro area offer affordable, no appointment drug screening for businesses and employees.

Many AFC Urgent Cares Centers in the Philadelphia metro area offer a wide variety of drug testing options to meet the needs of employers and employees.

DOT drug screening – Our highly-experienced staff is trained and certified to perform DOT Drug Testing, a requirement for all DOT Physicals. We adhere to strict DOT standards for our urine drug test screenings to ensure the complete, accurate results you need to make business decisions. To obtain or renew a CDL medical card, you’ll need one of these screenings.

Pre-employment drug testing – Can’t start a job until you receive a pre-employment drug screening? Don’t wait for your primary care physician to be available and get a 5 or 10-panel test today with no appointment. We offer instant urine drug tests as well as hair tests to our patients in the Philadelphia metro area. Business owners also have the option of using eScreen, a web-based drug test result, and chain of custody system. The results of screenings are instantly posted to the site securely for a business owner to review. Some locations are flexible to use traditional drug screenings utilizing any lab and chain of custody forms of the employer’s choosing. Please call ahead to the center for exact details.

Random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident testing – If you require an employee to be tested for any of these circumstances, you can rely on AFC Urgent Care. In some cases, we can arrange for staff to come to you for large numbers of random drug testing. No appointment is needed. Just send your employee over, and we’ll test them as quick as possible. Consider calling the walk-in urgent care center nearest you to set up an account with that center. This will facilitate future visits to the facility.

Not all AFC Urgent Care Centers offer the same hours of availability for drug testing. Please visit that center’s website or call them for more details on when drug testing and screenings are available. All centers will be able to answer any questions you might have regarding the drug testing process. Feel free to call them, and they’d be happy to help!

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